At W.O.W we carry hundreds of handbags and handbag accessories that are both practical and stylish. Choose from different sizes, colors, materials and brands. Whether you're looking for a nicer bag that will last you a long time, or a bag for the more opulent occasion, you will be sure to find an item that fits your style and personality.

Choose from a variety of stunning pieces to fit your needs. From formal, to casual, we have a piece for you that won t break the bank but will add a "metro-chic" twist to your wardrobe!

Handbags and Accesories

Established in 1997 with the charter of carrying great basics and architecturally interesting designs, W.O.W. is widely regarded as Newtons best kept secret! We proudly offer unique lines from American and European designers that are available in sizes 4-24.


Creative Clothing in XS-3X!